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Which New Year’s Eve 2018 Party To Attend In Washington DC?

Happy holidays! I hope you are enjoying this festive time of year in the Nation’s Capital. This city and surrounding area just lights up when the holidays arrive.

Of course, with the arrival of the holidays also means that New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. If you had a rough 2017, then 2018 is a welcome change. There is definitely no shortage of New Year’s Eve events around town. 360 Nightlife has put together a good list of 2018 NYE events in Washington.

The great aspect of those events, is that they are all themed. I especially like The Great Gatsby theme. One of my fantasies is attending one of those huge parties Gatsby put on. Now, that is what I call an over-the-top but good party. Satellite Room will be hosting a Great Gatsby themed NYE event, that definitely looks promising.



One other notable event is the Destination Cuba NYE at Cuba Libre. Something about Havana yells NYE to me. Maybe it is the cigars or Cuban Salsa, but this could definitely be a great time.

Cuba Libre is located in a great place too. Right in Penn Quarter, and central to many other parts of Washington D.C. I am hoping they make a mean Cuba Libre!


Finally, it wouldn’t be right to not talk about the 90’s New Year’s Eve party¬†going down at Ten Tigers Parlour. I love 90’s music. I get down to 90’s music. 90’s music moves me! Okay, you get the point.

One of the things about going out when you are a bit older, is you don’t recognize the music. I am not saying the music is bad, but it was better in the 90’s. I like the fact that this party will be spinning only 90’s music. I am already planning on asking the DJ for some Notorious BIG, 2pac, Ace of Base, and maybe even a little New Kids On the Block (don’t judge me)!

NYE in DC is definitely a fun time. However, be sure to not drink and drive and practice caution. You don’t want your last night on earth to be the last night of the year. Not trying to sound morbid, but practice good judgement so you can have a blessed 2018.

As always, if you need any help with real estate in Washington DC, I am available. Simply fill out my contact form and i’ll be in touch!



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